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How to Clean Your Roof with or Without a Professional

Cleaning Roof is not exactly rocket science but most people tend to outsource this job for the very same reasons. In other words, it takes time to clean the Roof and the process often involves working at heights, while the right equipment is needed to leave the Roof with a sparkle.

On the other hand, there is a certain “knack” to cleaning Roof and if you would like to take this on yourself, this is always an option. For this reason, we wanted to outline the best equipment and techniques for cleaning Roof, and some common mistakes of dangers that you need to know about.

What Type of Equipment is Best for Cleaning Roof?

Depending on where you look, you will find an endless lineup of fancy Roof cleaning equipment with equally fancy names. Technomad and Smart-Microfiber Sleeve are two of the latest but there are literally hundreds of these contraptions in the online world.

At the same time, you can also find some pretty simple models on Amazon like the Ettore 8-Inch squeegee or the Ungur Microfiber Combo which also includes a sleeve. What’s more, they won’t cost a fortune and will at least get the job done in the short term.

Now, that’s not to say quality doesn’t matter but rather to explain how fancy equipment does not necessarily mean a clean Roof. In fact, no matter how advanced the squeegee might look, you will still end up with streaks and dirt if you don’t know how to use one.

As for what type of Roof cleaning equipment is best, here are some of the most useful items:

8-Inch Roof Squeegee – Standard squeegee with a silicone rubber blade.

Roof Scrubber – Mop or scrubber for cleaning the dirt off the Roof.

Adjustable Pole – Long pole on which you can place the squeegee or mop when needed.

Ladder – Sometimes there is no better substitute for a good ladder. But more on that in a moment.

Needless to say, you may not need a ladder for a one-story building and a telescopic pole can come in very handy for those hard-to-reach places.

What Chemicals Can Be Used to Clean Roof?

Off-the-Shelf Cleaners

For many homeowners, some bundled-up newspaper and a cleaning product is the best way to clean Roof In most instances, cleaning product can most certainly get the job done and these are most often designed to clean tabletops, ledges, mirrors, and other surfaces in the home.

However, you might notice that many of these products are very aggressive which can seem rather unnecessary for cleaning most Roof.

Vinegar – the Lesser-Known Alternative

As you may know, vinegar is an incredibly powerful substance when it comes to cleaning carpets, walls, and other furnishings around the home. However, most people are simply unaware that by mixing a quarter cup of vinegar in a bucket of water, you have a great solution for cleaning the Roof.

In case you might be asking yourself, vinegar is anti-bacterial and non-toxic which means it can clean germs without any negative impact on the environment. Vinegar is also very cheap but more importantly, the acidic nature of this vinegar is great for breaking down grime on glass surfaces. For this reason, it also leaves no streaks which makes it especially enticing for the inexperienced.

Soap Detergent

The truth is, no matter what equipment or chemical is used for cleaning the roof, the end result is always down to technique. For this reason, soap detergent is most commonly used by Roof cleaning professionals who know that this solution is enough to remove most dirt and grime from a glass surface.

Caution About Using Ladders

Believe it or not, the HSE brought in legislation back in 2006 which stated that ladders should only be used for short-duration work. As part of this rule, the HSE stated that ladders should only be used when necessary and for low-risk situations. Local Roof cleaners Roof Cleaning in Havering Roof Cleaners in Essex – Basildon – Billericay – Braintree – Brentwood – Chelmsford – Colchester – Colne Valley – Epping Forest – Halstead – Harlow – Hornchurch – Maldon – Rochford – Saffron Walden – Southend – Stanford Le Hope – Thurrock – Upminster – WickfordsEmerson ParkSt AndrewsHactonElm ParkHornchurchRainhamUpminster.

In other words, ladders are not banned in the UK but this legislation was made for a reason.

You see, recent studies show that falls from a height is still one of the most common causes of injury and fatality in the workplace. In fact, the UK Ladder Association discovered that there were thirty-five fatalities last year that related specifically to ladder incidents. It’s no wonder so many “ladder safety” courses are popping up all over the country!

Anyway, the point is, many people underestimate the dangers involved with using ladders and this is especially true when cleaning Roof. Think about it, climbing up there is one thing but then you have to maneuver and adjust while trying to clean a roof high above the gourd.

About Telescopic Poles

As you can imagine, the above concerns are often avoided by using a telescopic pole. Unless the Roof is too high, you can use this pole to attach the squeegee or mop and keep your feet on the ground. That being said, the accuracy is not always as good and the outcome may not be as desirable.

Just so you know, we use ladders at Local Roof cleaners Roof Cleaning in Havering but we also have the necessary experience to use this equipment safely. We also use ladders only when needed and comply with all safety regulations when it comes to each and every circumstance.

7 Steps to Cleaning Roof for First-Timers

Whether you want to save money or spend some time in the sunshine, cleaning your own Roof is always an option. At the same time, you will need to invest in the above equipment which will often cost just as much or more than hiring a professional. Either way, here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Set Adequate Time Aside

Unless you have experience, you can expect to spend most of the day cleaning both inside and outside the Roof.

  1. Take Time to Watch Tutorials

Cleaning Roof with a mop and squeegee looks easy and this is true – for professionals. That is to say, there is a definite skill involved and you might want to spend time on YouTube watching a few tutorials before getting started. Are we exaggerating? There’s only one way to find out!

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

As you will find out, it takes plenty of practice to clean a Roof properly and this is partly why you will need a full day to do the job yourself.

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